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Stacy Goldberg’s Tips Regarding Rotisserie Chicken

Picking up a quick and affordable rotisserie chicken for dinner has become a staple for many households. However, just because it is quick and easy does not mean it’s always healthy.

From distinguishing the difference between organic and conventional chickens to decoding the nutrition label, Savorfull’s founder and CEO Stacy Goldberg breaks down the process of purchasing the best rotisserie chicken in her article for the NBA Coaches Association. She recently shared some tips regarding how to make sure your rotisserie chicken won’t get in the way of your health goals. To learn more about how to shop mindfully for a rotisserie chicken, click here.

Stacy was also interviewed on the Local 4 News, where she explains the importance of carefully choosing a rotisserie chicken that does not compromise its nutritious value. To learn more, click here to watch the video.

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