Nutrition Consultant

Founder & CEO, Savorfull

Meet Stacy

Founder & CEO of Savorfull, Stacy Goldberg is a nationally recognized nutrition consultant and industry leader in free-from healthy snacks. Goldberg travels the country to discover the best tasting, nutrient dense snacks for her clients to purchase through Savorfull’s technology-based marketplace.  Stacy’s passion for nutrition combined with entrepreneurship drives the vision, strategy, and mission at Savorfull to guide consumers, businesses, organizations and sports teams nationwide towards healthier food choices.

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Over 20 years of experience in nutrition consulting after graduating with a Masters in Human Nutrition from The University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Stacy founded Savorfull after her love for nutrition merged with her entrepreneurial spark. Stacy is Savorfull’s CEO, founder, nationally recognized nutritionist, and an industry leader who travels the country to find the best tasting and nutrient dense free-from snacks for Savorfull’s e-commerce platform.

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